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Recommended trips

All day trips

Lednice-Valtice area

Route: Kyjov – Čejkovice – Lednice – Valtice – Kyjov
Total km: 90

Enjoy an unforgettable day in Lednice-Valtice area, one of the most beautiful places of south Moravia. It is also registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. You can discover here majestic chateaux surrounded by wide gardens and woods, romantic landscape with numerous ponds and many magnificent buildings. The best known are the castle in Lednice and the castle in Valtice, The Minaret, Obelisk, Temple of the Three Graces, Colonnade outlook on Reistna or John’s castle renowned from popular TV fairytale The seven ravens. In the garden there is a wide range of various exotic species and trees from all around the world. The most exotic ones can be seen in the greenhouse. You can either enjoy lovely walk through the parks or you can sail a boat which will take you to the most interesting places. You can also travel in a horse-drawn carriage and feel like a real king or queen.


Route: Kyjov – Velké Pavlovice – Mikulov – Kyjov
Total km: 90

Wonderful town with rich history and many places of interest. The chateau on the rock has been a unique dominant of the Mikulov skyline for centuries. Here you can visit ancient chambers or a giant barrel in the dungeon. Visitors are attracted by the museum of viniculture. Beautiful historical centre, sepulchre of the last ruling dynasty (Dietrichstein’s) or monuments of Jewish community are definitely worth visiting. Svatý kopeček is another significant natural dominant of Mikulov. For the extensive occurrence of rare plant and animal species the territory has been announced nature reserve. The top of Svatý kopeček is dominated with St. Sebastian pilgrimage church, a belfry and other sacral objects of the Way of the Cross.


Route: Kyjov – Břeclav – Vídeň – Kyjov
Total km: 250

Across the borders to Austria! Take an advantage of a perfect location of B&B hotel and go for a trip to nearby Vienna, the capital of Austria. When here, you must visit the splendid baroque Schönbrunn with its vast gardens, majestic square Schweden Platz, unique architectural highlight Hundertwasser House (designed by Czech architect) or the building of State Opera House, Parliament, Hofburg and many other places. Feast eyes on the beauties of Vienna which is at arm’s length. You should also taste real Wiener schnitzel, coffee or a piece of cake a la Sacher, perhaps?

Buchlov castle and chateau Buchlovice

Route: Kyjov – Buchlovice – Kyjov
Total km: 48

Discover The Chřiby hills, the countryside of deep forests unchanged for hundreds of years. Visit Buchlovice and its chateau which belongs to the most significant baroque manors in the Czech Republic. The interiors of the rooms are very luxurious, there are also valued collections of paintings, drawings and precious books. Surrounding baroque garden and English park are rated as the most beautiful historical gardens. You can admire a unique collection of fuchsias and a few sculptures with antique motifs. Majestic Buchlov Castle is about 3 km away, standing on the high hill it can be seen from far. Here you can see valued collections of natural history or even mysterious mummy from Egypt. If you decide to visit Buchlov Castle, don’t forget to make a little walk to the chapel of St. Barbora where you can examine the collection of woodcarving from Chřiby hills.

Tomáš Baťa – by the river and railway

Route: Kyjov – Rohatec – Ratíškovice – Kyjov
Total km: 34

Try something new and set for the footsteps of renowned businessman Tomáš Baťa. Originally a genius system of watering, and later a low-cost shipping of the lignite to the works – these were the reasons why the Baťa canal waterway was built. Nowadays it is only used as a tourist waterway. It is navigable from Otrokovice to Skalice in Slovakia. The nearest place where you can board a ship is Rohatec – Hodonín or Strážnice – Skalica. You can either rent a boat for yourself or make the best of scheduled sailing. The other way how the lignite was shipped was by railway. You can still see the evidence in the village Ratíškovice in the unique Museum in the wagon or you can even take a ride in the treadle trolley.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s footsteps

Route: Kyjov – Slavkov u Brna – Prace – Kyjov
Total km: 75

You should definitely visit the cairn of peace in the village Prace not far from Brno airport. This dominant feature calls the visitors from the distance. Apart from classic exposition you can also watch multimedia reconstruction of the battle of the three emperors in 1805. Other appealing place worth visiting is a town Slavkov u Brna, there is another monument of the battle and some interesting buildings. The town has a rich Jewish history so you can find here Jewish cemetery and well-preserved synagogue. The most attractive building is the castle of Slavkov, which is fascinating baroque castle of huge artistic value. You can visit beautiful interiors or vast park with many sculptures.

Moravian Karst

Route: Kyjov – Slavkov u Brna – Blansko – Kyjov
Total km: 140

Protected landscape area Moravian Karst is one of the most important karst areas of Central Europe. There are more than 1100 caverns and gorges. Only 4 of them are open to public. These are Punkva Caves with their underground river Punkva, Catherine’s Cave with its unique limestone columns, the Balcarka Cave with its beautiful stalactitic decoration and the system of Sloup-Šošůvka Caves made by huge corridors and underground gorges. Macocha Abyss is an integral part of the landscape. It is more than 138 m deep and it is the biggest abyss in the Central Europe. You can look down to the abyss from the upper terrace or take a walk at the bottom. The whole area is the home of protected fauna and flora that is why all visitors can use only ecological means of transport such as cable railway or eco choo-choo which can also become a nice part of your trip.

Half day trips

Strážnice + Plže

Route: Kyjov – Strážnice – Petrov – Kyjov
Total km: 50

Town Strážnice, famous especially for organizing international folklore festivals, will attract your attention at the very arrival with 2 huge renaissance gates. The centre of the town is protected zone where you can see dominant church from the 18th century or renaissance castle with interesting expositions. Not far from here you can find a vast park or romantic sycamore alley which you can enter through historical Black gate. You cannot miss renowned open-air museum with viniculture or crafts exhibitions. Less than 4 km far from Strážnice you can find a village Petrov with its area of wine cellars Plže. Some of the oldest buildings of popular architecture form this little area. In 1983 the area was declared village protected zone, the first one in the Czech Republic. The fronts of some wine cellars have simple but beautiful white and blue facade, other fronts are decorated by colourful ornaments.

Milotice + Šidleny

Route: Kyjov – Milotice – Kyjov
Total km: 15

Picturesque village close to Kyjov offers apart from its Moravian charm also smaller baroque chateau. It is well-preserved complex of the buildings and garden architecture. In the interiors you can admire the life of nobility at the beginning of 20th century and many sculptures. The parks are perfectly kept and with some alleys they are ideal for pleasant walks. One of the most interesting expositions is dedicated to folk costumes and habits, you can also try some costumes on and learn a lot about them. Each village in Moravian Slovakia has its own area of wine cellars, the one in Milotice is called Šidleny. The whole area consists of several wine cellars which still serve to wine making and wine tasting. The cellars are beautifully decorated with folk ornaments and vine.

Discover the lifetime of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

Route: Kyjov – Hodonín – Čejč – Kyjov
Total km: 55

The first president of Czechoslovakia Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk has his roots in south Moravia. He was born in Hodonín and he is surely the most significant citizen of this town. No wonder the only one professional permanent exhibition in the Czech Republic is here. A tour through this exhibition means discover Masaryk’s lifetime from childhood and his studies, political life, up to 1937 when he died. In Hodonín there is also Masaryk’s square with his statue. Masaryk lived for a couple of years in the nearby village Čejč, where you can find 2 memorial tables – the one on the house where he used to live and the other on the school building where he trained to become a blacksmith.

Windmill in Bukovany and ceramics

Route: Kyjov – Bukovany – Kyjov
Total km: 10

In pleasant village Bukovany nearby Kyjov you can visit its dominant feature – newly built windmill. Inside you can find some permanent expositions, and a guide will tell you interesting facts from history. In the area of windmill there is also a modern hotel and restaurant where you should taste some local specialities. In the village you can also visit Mr. Nimrichter’s ceramics workshop. In the 13th century the production of black ceramics was very popular. Black colour was from the smoke in the kiln. Simple ornaments were created by little stones. This kind of ceramics is very rare nowadays. The tradition is still alive thanks to Mr. Ivo Nimrichter from Bukovany who will show you his art. He was also awarded by National institute of popular culture.