Kyjov and surroundings

Kyjov and surroundings


Kyjov and surroundings Town Kyjov with its 12 120 inhabitants is the biggest town and naturally the cultural and administrative centre of the region Kyjovsko. It is located 40 km southeast of Brno and 18 km north of Hodonín. A little river called Kyjovka (or Stupava) flows through the town. In the vicinity there are mainly fields, orchards and vineyards. North and west of Kyjov there you can find woody peaks of Ždánický les (forest), Věteřovská vrchovina (higlands) and Chřiby. The villages Bohuslavice, Boršov and Nětčice are administrative parts of Kyjov. From 1st January 2003 Kyjov is an official administrative centre for 41 municipalities. The town is also a member of micro-region Babí lom. Kyjov, next to Strážnice, is the second largest centre of folk culture of region Moravian Slovakia You can find there are many folklore music bands and ensembles. A lot of cultural events take place here. Slovácký Rok (Moravian Slovakian Year Festival) – the oldest Moravian folklore festival, has taken place there since 1921. You can find here a great offer of restaurants, accommodation and other tourist services. Kyjov is also an industrial town with interesting history. The main tourist attractions are: renaissance town hall and little castle, church and chapels, collection of modern architecture landmarks from the beginning of 20th century, museum and 4 galleries. Visitors can also visit stadium, a few smaller sport facilities, open-air swimming pool, tennis courts, open-air cinema or little airport.


Kyjovsko nowadays is the region of sun and wine as it was some thousand years ago. Peaceful and hilly countryside with mosaic of fields, orchards, vineyards, woody highlands of Chřiby hills or sandy Moravian Sahara covered by pine-trees, warm and sunny climate…this (but only this) is Kyjovsko.

Folk traditions
Kyjovsko is a unique place for everybody who is looking for an atmosphere with traditional songs, music, folk costumes, customs and folk handicraft. Kyjovsko brings an opportunity to meet the sincerity of people and to touch old times.

Country connected with people
Local countryside is fancy and various such as the folk costumes of its inhabitants. Ornaments in the countryside are made by the vineyards. Every winter season brings new colours. The unrefined beauty of this countryside is reflected in each sup of local wine or in the songs known for generations. This beauty can be explored and discovered again and again.

Wine and winegrowing
Although Kyjovsko lies on the north border of viniculture region, the winegrowing has its deep tradition here, going back to the period of Great Moravia in the 9th century. Nowadays you can find vineyards and wine cellars probably in each village.

Natural conditions
Favourable natural conditions do not guarantee peaceful and harmonious development. The highland which protects Kyjovsko from cold winds from north creates barrier at the same time, which separates Kyjovsko from major regions of Bohemia and Moravia. On the contrary, the opened south border did not mean any obstructions for enemy forces in the history.

Moravian landscape

B&B Guesthouse Regio*** in Kyjov is an ideal starting point, that is to say a base camp, for all photographers, who want to take pictures of the Moravian landscape and its magical rolling fields. The area is located west and southwest of Kyjov and is really one of the most picturesque and photogenic place in the Czech Republic, and is rightly called “Moravian Tuscany. Similar sceneries we can find in Tuscany and in the northwest of USA near the town of Palous only. Our strongly waved landscape covers several tens of square kilometers only, so breathtaking places are very close to each other and close to our Guesthouse Regio***. Come to us to take the spectacular pictures of long strips of green, brown and yellow fields, which are changing their colorful character during the seasons. Regularly visit us many photographers not only from Czech Republic, but also from South Korea, Japan, Poland, Hungary, USA, and Russia. We will be glad to show and recommend you places, where you can take the best pictures. Feel free to visit us to take the most spectacular pictures of rolling Moravian fields.