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Active tourism

South Moravia has a wide range of natural interests, which are popular tourist goals for the visitors from around the world.

Moravian Karst, Pálava, National Park Podyjí or White Carpathians are unique regions which are worth visiting. We can take you to these places with an experienced guide, who will prepare the trip for you and will show you the most beautiful places with interesting comments.

Optionally we can ensure: biking, visit of a horse-breeding farm with possibilities of horse riding or riding in a carriage, sport programmes for groups, cruises (Baťa canal waterway or river Dyje), sightseeing flights…

Wine tourism

Wine, vineyards and wine cellars are probably the first things which come to your mind if someone says: south Moravia.

Realizing wine trips is our specific product. We can arrange various programmes – from short visits to wine cellars with wine-tasting to several-day programmes including visiting the most popular and attractive wine regions of south Moravia. The most popular programme is an evening spent in wine cellar tasting wine and local gastronomic specialities and listening to the folk music. Traditional folk festivities such as vine harvest, or wine-tasting events held usually in spring are also very attractive.

Optionally we can ensure: tours to wine-producing companies, wine shops with professional guide, participation in wine festivities or wine-tasting…


Gourmet specialities from south Moravia will please all lovers of good food and drink.

We offer complete tours and programmes with gourmet theme for teams. The most popular programme is traditional pig-sticking, as you may know it from the pictures of south Moravian countryside. But we offer much more. Home-made local specialities of various tastes and aromas will be prepared for you in wine-cellars or restaurants with hospitable staff.

Optionally we can ensure: participation in wine-tasting, tasting of home brews, home-made specialities (sausages, cabbage etc.)

Trips with a view of folklore

Folklore is an integral part of everyday life of south Moravia. Music, songs, dances, folk costumes, folk customs and habits – all of this has its special place in each region of south Moravia.

Folk festivities which are organized during the whole year are a big attraction for foreigners all over the world. Folklore life here is very rich. The most popular festivities are: carnivals and shroving in Strání or Velká nad Veličkou, Horňácké festivities and Festivities of Podluží in Tvrdonice, MFF (International folklore festival) in Strážnice or Slovácký Rok (Moravian Slovakian Year Festival) in Kyjov. Almost each village in Moravian Slovakia holds many traditional folk celebrations which are worth visiting. We offer trips with folk theme and with complete services and a good-quality guide.

Optionally we can ensure: visits to various folk festivities, evenings with dulcimer music, folk costumes parades, performances of dance couples or folk dance groups…

Popular manufacturing, crafts and arts

Admiration and respect has to be paid to those people who still keep popular manufacturing, crafts and art for future generations.

We would like to present to our clients traditional crafts in its original form and environment. We will give you a chance to see or even try the production of popular artists. You can also buy the products and get a stylish souvenir as a remembrance of south Moravia.

Optionally we can ensure: organization of little popular fairs for groups, tours to specialized shops or workshops with popular products…

Monuments, history and religion

South Moravia offers a wide choice of various historical monuments, archaeological sites, technical monuments or places of pilgrimage.

The monuments of this region belong to the most visited ones in the whole republic. In south Moravia you can find 6 out of 12 Czech monuments which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. These places are: town Kroměříž, town Telč, town Žďár nad Sázavou, Lednice-Valtice area, villa Tugendhat in Brno and Jewish ghetto in Třebíč.

Optionally we can ensure: sightseeing tours with various themes (famous people – J. A. Komenský, T. G. Masaryk, crown towns, Jewish monuments, places of pilgrimage, archaeological sites…), performances of historical fighting groups or theatres…

Programmes for juniors, seniors or professionals

Our company is happy to meet very special requirements of our clients.

We can ensure programmes for school groups or for elderly people. For groups of professionals we will create a programme with particular topic according to their requirements.

Optionally we can ensure: sightseeing tours with various themes (famous people – J. A. Komenský, T. G. Masaryk, or crown towns, Jewish monuments, places of pilgrimage, archaeological sites…), performance of historical fighting groups or theatres…